L&S Introduction



Founded in May 2015, LIGHT & SHADOW GLOBAL FASHION DESIGN is a company primarily providing services such as fashion design training, personal image guidance, clothingcustomized service, jewelry design and so forth.

Since2013, preparations for the company have begun: the founder gained inspirations at FASHION ROUND TABLE held by Chinese Entrepreneurs Club of New York in Manhattan, New York. She started to conceive, plan and prepare for the company later, and eventually established the company in May 2015, in Shenzhen.


L & S brings together several outstanding fashion designers from all over the world and introduces many advanced ideas of fashion design, color theory and dress aesthetics as well as dress-making technologies from North America, Europe, Asia and etc. While spreading internationalized design arts, L & S devotes to fostering excellent native designers and forging a Chinese domestic fashion design brand.


L&S is greatly enthusiastic for education, and advocates innovation and self-expression. Guided by many advanced fashion design ideas and technologies from US, Europe, Japan and so on, L & S hopes to help more people express themselves through designs and prosper their future lives after training. The company provides excellent learning spaces and perfect teaching devices, as well as equips with a professional and highly responsible teaching team built by preeminent foreign designers and senior professional lecturers. Each communication and each conception, as we hope, will bring precious learning experiences to students, and thus enable the students to have top-class learning experiences.

Come to LIGHT & SHADOW and obtain your unique fashion experience!  YOUR FASHION, YOUR FUTURE!